Our custom huts come totally finished and ready to go, they range in size from 12x7ft to 24x7ft
and can be personalized in many ways to suit your own tastes. We strive to only use the best
materials for the quality of work we are known for.
Our beautifully crafted solid oak and ash chassis is fitted with cast iron wheels, which are
hardwearing and durable enough to last hundreds of years.
We have our wheels made at an Amish family run foundry in Lancaster PA where they cast
them from our pattern which is taken from a design based on an English wheel from the
1840’s.They also make our custom steel wheels or regular road wheels with standard road tires
which are interchangeable enabling you to travel on the highway a short distance (for longer
trips we recommend using a road trailer as there are no springs on the shepherd huts)
Oak or ash beams are harvested locally form right here on the farm, shaped, sanded and oiled
before being secured together with our locally hand crafted stub axles turning plates and
steering yoke.
All the metal work is fabricated in the next village or direct from Lancaster PA where we have
our custom wheels cast in a family run foundry to our specifications.
All metal work is finished with a highly durable black paint.
Road Trailer
If you really want to go further afield then, we can build your hut on a completely road legal
trailer. With either tandem or triple axels depending on the length of your trailer. These have
standard 2 ” ball connections with trailer brakes, tongue jack and lights conforming to all DOT
The interior layout can be designed in conjunction with you, with the option of design drawings
and layouts, if required. Kitchens, bathrooms, showers and wood stoves are not a problem; our
team of qualified electricians and plumber’s work with us to ensure the installation meets your
needs and exceeds code.
We can tailor your Shepherd Hut to your own requirements with the optional use of stained
glass, wood-burning stoves, underfloor heating, air conditioning, propane heat or solar PV
panels. Your options are endless, with the only limit being your imagination.
We can deliver anywhere in the US and can help you choose a location on your property for
delivery and installation. A level site with a gravel base to prevent weeds is recommended.
Delivery is by tilt trailer so if you can drive in and turn around then we can usually drop of your
hut. They can be moved around with a small tractor or pick up truck. (They pull a lot easier than
they back up!) Four men pushing provided the hut is on hard ground can also move them.

Berkshire Shepherd Huts

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