Robin Berthet created Berkshire Shepherd Huts in 2014. Growing up in England, he saw shepherd huts on the South Downs and in Dorset. Shepherds used these huts for protection and rest while tending their flocks. Moving them from pasture to field even using them in Hyde Park to mow the grass! Many contained small stoves for warmth and simple accommodations. Their uses have become more varied in recent years as they’ve seen a great revival. Berkshire Shepherd Huts prides itself in using local and sustainable products. They are dedicated to providing the highest possible quality and finest level of craftsmanship.

Based on a design from England that has been used for over one hundred and fifty years, an early version of a tiny house. Originally used by shepherds to move around the pastures while he looked after his flock with a minimum space . At Berkshire Shepherd Huts we have created a blend of traditional beauty and modern day luxury to build solid, stylish and durable shepherd huts to suit your desires. Options available include a wood stove, kitchen, bathrooms and beds. These spaces can be used as a spare room, a writer’s retreat, a garden shed, sauna, yoga studio, extra accommodation when required and retail space for pop up events,
Built from local resources where possible, using recycled denim insulation, locally harvested woods from surrounding forests or wood from your property. With many choices of finishes and styles to complete the interior, from modern to traditional, fully customized to your exact specifications. Solar power and off the grid solutions are all available. We provide ecologically sustainable micro spaces using local materials and fine craftsmanship.

Berkshire Shepherd Huts

Robin Berthet

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