Floors are constructed using a 2 “x 4 “ spruce frame. The underside is fitted with a sturdy ½”
CDX ply wood, is glued and screwed to the joists. and coated with an exterior stain.
Walls: Each of the four walls consists of a 2” x 4” spruce studs framed 16” on center, sheathed
with ½”CDX sheathing covered with typar, all nailed, glued and screwed together
Roof: The roof consists of 2 x 3.5 inch curved rafters constructed from two pieces of ¾”ac
plywood laminated, glued and screwed together, giving a light, durable and strong structure that
is resistant to cracking, shrinking, splitting, twisting or warping. On top of the rafters, we install ¼
exterior lauan that is nailed and glued to the rafters thus insuring a sealed and much stronger
than conventional framed roof on top of this we then cover the whole roof with a layer of ice and
water shield or typar building wrap with 26 gauge galvanized corrugated steel sheets screwed to
the rafters. This can be left natural or finished with a “Corten finish, which will rust to a uniform
patina and is warranted for twenty five years.

Fascia and bargeboard: A solid cedar or clear pine fascia and bargeboard

Doors and Windows:

All our doors and windows are constructed using hardwood. or off the shelf Marvin or Pella
units. Our traditional window and door layout consists of a single stable door and two windows
are constructed using ash and finished with traditional cast iron fittings and stainless steel
hinges. Please contact us for a full list of doors and windows with details of sizes, styles, materials and prices.


We seal the hut using a breathable waterproof membrane that covers the walls and roof prior to
the siding being attached, ensuring that damp is not going to permeate the structure, Copper
flashing and urethane caulks are used where required.


We offer a few different options for insulation. We mostly like to use Ultra-touch Denim
Insulation, made from recycled denim, as this is locally available and reasonably priced. The
floor, walls and roof will be fully insulated; keeping your hut warm and cozy, ensuring year-round
use of your hut. We have built uninsulated huts and found that they will overheat in the summer
so we do not recommend leaving this out. For our custom huts you may choose eco-friendly
Thermafleece sheep wool insulation, made from sheep’s wool, or spray foam insulation made
from soybeans.

Exterior siding:

You have a choice of styles when it comes to the look of the exterior. You can
go with vertical board and batten cedar, cedar clapboards, recycled mushroom wood or you can
choose 26 gauge corrugated galvanized steel natural or painted .We also offer Corten Steel that
will rust to a uniform finish and provides years of protection to give that antique finish.
Internal wall finish: The interior of your hut is finished with pine tongue and groove bead board
or horizontal beaded wide pine finished in your choice of eco-friendly milk paint or left natural.
Flooring: Popular choices for flooring include: rough sawn oak, ash, cherry, maple, or yellow
pine, Our floors are constructed using 1 inch flooring, which is laid in random widths to create a
natural look. This can be finished with water based varnish or tongue oil.
Ash steps: An exceptionally beautiful addition to any Shepherd Hut, ash beams are carefully
sawn and sanded to create a more elegant entrance to your hut. and finish them in Danish oil to
enhance the color of the wood.


We can have installed by a licensed electrician and as many 120V outlets and lights as you
need .
Alternatively we can install low voltage LED light with a solar panel to be completely off the grid.


Whatever you require.
Metal Huts – available from $19,200
Built to exactly the same standard as our ash huts with the only differences being;
External cladding: 26-gauge first grade galvanized corrugated steel sheet in a choice of colors.

Long Huts:

Huts longer than 16ft are built on a metal box chassis or on road trailers
Chassis: Metal Box section steel. Available in 12', 16’,and 20' long.

Wood Stove:

Stove: There are many options when it comes to stoves. For something to keep you warm and
toasty, choose a Sardine stove or Hobbit stove .A carbon monoxide detector will be installed


Recycled sail awning: Create an extra room outside your hut. All awnings are recycled from old
boat sails which rot and water resistant to a high standard. Wooden posts, metal pegs and
guide ropes also supplied.

Off grid solutions:

At Berkshire Shepherd Huts we believe in having a low impact on the environment. For more
information on solar powered systems, composting or macerating toilets please do not hesitate
to call us.

Oak Desk:

Our solid oak desks are custom made to your exact required size. They have easy to operate
gate leg hinges, which allow the desk to fold back flush to the wall when not in use.

Complete Living Hut:

Our Complete Living Huts are designed to be used as an entire living space; complete with
kitchens, built in beds seats tables and bathrooms. The design is based on the standard
finished hut as above, but with a few additional features.

Doors and Windows:

French doors, casement windows or double hung, stained glass etc
Or recycled

Berkshire Shepherd Huts

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